Branding is what separates the haves from the have-nots. A successful brand creates trust. It creates emotion. It provides the consumer with a connection, and that connection is critical to your brand’s success. Ad-Apt creates a bullet-proof brand strategy and backs it up with consistent and dedicated effort to protect your brand at all costs.

What is Branding?

Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. Ad-Apt knows how to elevate your brand above the noise, and above your competition.

Why is Branding Important?

Consumers want to “feel” a brand, and a brand should conjure up an emotion just like a song from their childhood. It alivens senses. It’s more than just the logo. Ad-Apt creates that buzz for your brand through tried-and-true methods and a smattering of instinct.

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Media Production Logistics

Media production logistics includes the optimal planning, introduction, control, creation, and analysis of each video asset and its data throughout sequential production and distribution workflows. Ad-Apt handles media production from conception to consumption.

Web Development from Ad-Apt


The word “branding” literally comes from farmers searing livestock with a unique hot-iron “brand” so they would know which animal belonged to which farmer. Your logo works the same way when it gets attached to your product and service. It has implicit meaning, and it makes prospects feel a certain way. Ad-Apt creates impactful, effective logos.

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Brand Book

Most small businesses stop after logo creation, but then wonder why that logo renders poorly on Instagram or on embroidered company polo shirts. The visual representation of your brand (your logo) needs a lot more than just one JPG file. Big brands have 100-page brand books that outline fonts, colors, usage, and formats so that both internal and external stakeholders know how that brand can and should be displayed. Ad-Apt creates awesome brand books and all of the digital assets to help execute on the rules within that book.

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The devil is in the details. Having a great brand means caring about them. What do your transactional emails look like? Or your auto response emails from your email services provider? What about your email signature, or your letterhead? Do they all speak with the same unified brand persona? Ad-Apt makes sure your brand’s messaging is professional and consistent across all mediums.

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Graphic Design

People are visual and images are still the fastest way to convey information to other people. Ad-Apt takes pride in combining your brand and your logo with the right imagery and graphic design to produce winning advertisements, print pieces and other digital assets that are customer-facing.

Internet of Things Development from Ad-Apt

Packaging Design

Just as with the design of ads, print pieces, your website and other digital assets, Ad-Apt handles every detail of packaging design. Packaging is an extension of your brand, and thus should provide the same amazing experience.

Internet of Things Development from Ad-Apt

Custom Art

Need a custom design for a special event or product launch? Ad-Apt creates custom illustrations, partnering with artists or experts that launch art installations. Whether it’s collaborating with an artist on your next product debut, or installing an Instagram-able moment at an event, Ad-Apt are your outsourced art directors delivering on brand experiences.

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